“A Much-Needed Break”

ESD May 31st, 2629

Jocano Research Station, Trobriand Sector, Ryosh c

Ryosh System


I was told today to take what Gorrin called “a much-needed break”. Apparently, he thinks I’m working too hard and as much as I wanted to tell him that he 1.) didn’t know me and 2.) could stick it, I agreed. Something about Larisha agreeing too—to the point of threatening to lock me out of the lab—finally pushed me over the edge.

So instead of sitting on a beach near Malinowski, I’m sitting on a beach near Jocano. I can’t say I’m really enjoying the transition as much as Len and Gorrin thought I would, not because I don’t like it here but more because I don’t like it as much. Rather than the tropical paradise farther south, Jocano Station is in a much more northern latitude, well out of the tropics and into the temperate zone. Instead of white sand, these islands look more like what I’ve seen of England and the North Atlantic back on Earth: limestone cliffs, most not very tall but some reaching over fifty meters; forests of what we’ve called coral trees for their fiery color rather than the blue and green foliage of the tropics. Maybe I’m being too hard on my new surroundings to consider them as strangely beautiful as I should, or maybe it’s just the feeling that I should really be back at Malinowski.

It’s a thought I should try harder to repress.


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