The meaning of “Kaschar’s quarter” and how to go overboard

The trouble with writing background information is that it’s really tempting to get so carried away with it that I lose track of the main story. For example, the title “Kaschar’s quarter” comes from a term that entered Corastian popular culture after a battle in the Wars of Tarsuchkani Succession, around 70 years before The Default King begins.

What I’ve got so far is that the city of Kaschar was the headquarters of religious separatists called the Children of Dorim who supported what turned out to be the wrong side in the third war. Though they tried to negotiate and offered to pay the besieging army to leave, the city was taken and its inhabitants were massacred in a sack of several days. Subsequently, their allies would execute enemy soldiers who begged for quarter by giving them what they called “Kaschar’s quarter”. When the Mentites do the same, they’re not referencing the claims made by Kaschar’s allies to the throne of Taruschkan, but the idea that emerged shortly after the sack that the city typifies the kind of response given to religious dissenters by the Global Church.

All this is based partly on the Hundred Years’ War (fought between English and French claimants to the throne of France) and Thirty Years’ War (largely fought in Germany but also included many neighboring countries), in particular the Sack of Magdeburg, which was a Protestant city when it was attacked by German Catholic armies.

Now as much as I’d like to write more about this and other events in and out of the main region of Corastia, I’ve committed myself to finish the main story first so that’s what I’ll do.


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