“In Other News”


ESD June 5th, 2629

Jocano Research Station, Trobriand Sector, Ryosh c

Ryosh System


In other news, I totally forgot to mention this yesterday, which says something about how excited I was about the other thing. So one of my collaborators informed me the day before that he’d done some calculations on a whim (of course) and came to the conclusion that if I were to hike up to somewhere between twelve and fifteen hundred meters above sea level, there was a good chance I’d be able to breathe. “A good chance” was my guess at what he really said, since I still have yet to figure out anything of consequence about the Ryosh language, but it’s probably close enough. Quite the conclusion to pull from a barometric pressure chart and some color patterns I can’t understand, right?

I should mention that I did not ask Gorrin for permission to do what I did, nor do I expect to ever ask for forgiveness as these field notes probably won’t ever be published until/unless both of us are dead. Here goes.

Turns out the HUD on our environment suits has an altimeter and pressure gauge, and that the mountains south of Jocano Research Station can reach between one and two thousand meters in height. Some farther south are taller, but even ninety-two percent Earth gravity still reminds me sufficiently that I’m a little out of shape (being generous here). I settled on one that I’m calling Olympus Jr., because what else would a Jovian call a mountain?

I don’t know if human or Ryosh languages can really, truly express what it looks like from up there, so I won’t try. What I can tell you is that after all this, after standing on my little Olympus like a little Athena and just taking it all in, problems and beauty and oxygen and all, I’m ready.

I’m ready.


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