Here’s the deal: A Land of Promise


I should say first that this isn’t Expanse fan fiction. Rather, it’s a story idea that I’d had for a while in an original universe but only recently finished. It originally just centered on a retiree who colonizes his own planet, partially for fun but also just because he’s a bitter and rich old man looking essentially to stick it to the world. That last part didn’t really change over time, but The Expanse really helped me push the idea into a new direction.

All this talk of space Mormons made me want to address the concept from an insider’s perspective, more so than I’ve already done elsewhere. The big questions would be the kind of issues that would come up for a real space Mormon who wanted to leave the system behind for good. There are reasons why I personally don’t think this would be likely in the real world, mostly related to the belief that Jesus is coming to Earth (as opposed to any other planet) soon, which means that leaving would logically be the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. Of course, that’s no fun if everyone just decides to stick around, so I turned this story into a proxy for exploring a situation that The Expanse only really addresses in a cursory manner. Basically, can someone who’s grown up in a tradition known for separating itself from the rest of society ever really leave that past behind, even when everyone around him is telling him that leaving is wrong?


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