12-18-17 Star Wars: The Man-babies Awaken (and Other Spoilery Thoughts)

1-5-17 An Update of Sorts

11-19-16 Inkitt Deleted My Account, and Other Forms of Nefarious Vanity Press Skullduggery

5-18-16   Here’s the deal: First Instance

3-28-16   Jire and colonialism

2-27-16   The Bathala, or where a dream meets real life

2-26-16   Perception v. reality

2-25-16   History v. historiography

2-24-16   More about Candide

2-23-16   Matthieu and my ancestors on the Lüneburger Heide

2-22-16   Keeping fantasy writing realistic

2-21-16   The meaning of “Kaschar’s quarter” and how to go overboard

2-20-16   Of armies and overkill

2-19-16    The problem with “the Middle Ages” in fantasy

2-18-16    Flawed characters

2-17-16    Making fantasy languages less fantastical

2-16-16    Magdeburg, Calvin and Matthieu

1-28-16    Hieing to Kolob? Depictions of Mormonism in Syfy’s The Expanse