The Work of Souls

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The Mentite War is now behind him, but Matthieu Sartonné finds himself in another company of holy warriors, bound for a frontier only known to him in legend.

Global Church converts in the western Qenshi States fear once again the armies of their southern neighbors, and the nations of the Southern Coalition have responded to their call. It does not matter that joining them saved Matthieu from the Grand Inquiry in Ossir, as the desire for a better world still grips him as strongly as ever. But now he has seen not only the perfection of the Bathala’s island but the false paradise of Cyrnne, and questions the ability of imperfect beings to create anything that is not even more flawed than they are.

This new world is one where the Global Church, under its officers and lords, works to transform a nation into one after its own pattern. Enemies of this effort are everywhere, and even the work of its allies threaten to destroy any chance at a peaceful conclusion to what had previously been a tense stalemate. Meanwhile, an impoverished priest takes Matthieu into his service, unaware that forces beyond their control threaten to destroy everything they seek to mend.

In a land where the work of salvation and the work of death are so closely mingled, how can one man hope to stand against the current of the times?

Chapter Thirteen: The Crusaders, or Zeal

Chapter Fourteen: The Priest, or Orthodoxy

Chapter Fifteen: The Patient, or Memory

Chapter Sixteen: The Stranger, or Recurrence

Chapter Seventeen: The Children, or Rage

Chapter Eighteen: The Believer, or Hope

Chapter Nineteen:  The Translator, or Doubt

Chapter Twenty: The Proselytes, or Piety

Chapter Twenty-One: The Heathens, or Enlightenment

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Functionary, or Futility

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Courtier, or Deception

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Warriors, or Diplomacy

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Commander, or Atrocity

Chapter Twenty-Six: The Barbarians, or Punishment