The Ryosh

Dr Korae Hallin, professor of linguistics at Jovian University and one of the first xenologists to study an alien species, writes about the challenges of interstellar travel, the language barrier, group dynamics, and not getting herself blacklisted by human academia.

Table of Contents

The Ryosh: An Extraterrestrial Monograph

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Overview of Ryosh Physiology
  • Chapter Two: Alpha Group
  • Chapter Three: Overcoming the Language Barrier
  • Chapter Four: Grammar
  • Chapter Five: Syntax
  • Chapter Six: Language and Social Hierarchy
  • Chapter Seven: Semiotic Shifts
  • Chapter Eight: Metacommunication
  • Chapter Nine: Further Questions

Selections from “Ryosh Fieldnotes”


References Cited


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